Terms of use

Last updated: 2020-07-07

This Web-site belongs to Light Engine LLC incorporated under the Russian laws as a limited liability company.

These Terms of use (hereafter Terms) regulate access to the Web-site (hereafter Web-site), search for information thereon, use thereof by Users (hereafter User or Users), and opportunity to use the Web-site for posting 3D-models and their subsequent visualization.

For the purpose of visualization the Light Engine’s 3D engine and products based thereon are used, in particular, web-version of the Light Tracer Render owned by Light Engine LLC.

If a User visits the Web-site and uses it, a User shall be automatically considered to be acquainted himself/herself with these Terms and agreed to meet them without any exception. If a User does not agree with the Terms or objects to all the Terms or a part thereof, a User may not use the Web-site.

Light Engine LLC may at any time to make changes to these Terms. In the beginning of this instrument there is a date of the latest update of the Terms. The revised version comes into force on the day it is published. In this connection Light Engine LLC recommends that Users should watch the updates of the Terms they meet.

Acquisition and processing of personal details is regulated by the Policy of protection of personal data.

Services available

Light Engine LLC offers a User to post 3D models on the Web-site for their subsequent visualization by means of the software for Light Tracer Render computer intended for photorealistic visualization using a graphics processing unit (GPU).

Permission to use the Web-site

A User may use the Web-site only in compliance with these Terms.

A User guarantees that he/she is of full age in compliance with laws of the country of his/her nationality or the country of his/her residence.

A User undertakes to use the Service carefully and avoid fraudulent and illegal actions. Also, a User undertakes to avoid actions and behaviour that may do harm the image, interests or rights of the Web-site or any third party.

A User undertakes not to prevent normal operation of the Web-site or normal provision of Services, in particular, assume identity of other Users or other persons. A User undertakes to avoid any actions that may do harm for the Web-site, make it inaccessible, bring it to overload, prevent normal use of the Web-site or Services, or impede provision of Services of Light Engine LLC. Ban is imposed on use of droids, crawlers or other mechanisms, mobile applications, programs or tools for access to the Web-site or Services, copying the Web-site or Services, monitor the Web-site by a method that is in conflict with ordinary use of the Web-site or discriminate against interests of Light Engine LLC. In addition, ban is imposed on receiving or any attempt to receive the content the Web-site using a method or a system that Light Engine LLC does not permit, or a method or a system normally avoided for access to the Web-site.

Before using Services, a User is to make sure that the Services are consistent with needs of the User and the User meets all and any requirements, has adequate hardware and software needed for use of the Services.

The rights given to a User under these Terms are personal and may not be transferred in full or in part to any third party (including affiliated persons and persons from the same group of companies) without a prior and direct consent of Light Engine LLC in writing.

Logging in

To use particular Services a User is to log in. If a User is a legal entity, the User’s name is to be the full firm name while a person logging in on behalf of a legal entity or an enterprise is to declare that he/she is an authorized representative of the firm and is empowered to assume obligations on behalf thereof including the obligation to meet the Terms.

To log in a User mandatorily provides information and confirms that is true, complete and up-to-date. A User shall be personally responsible for up-to-date nature of the information. If a User provides obsolete or incomplete information or Light Engine LLC suspects a User of providing obsolete, incomplete or false information, Light Engine LLC reserves the right to temporarily lock or cancel the User’s account.

A User is to protect and strictly preserve confidentiality of the password to get access to the account and may not tell it to any third party. A User may not permit other Users to get access to Services using his/her account and may not use somebody else’s account to get access to the Services.

A User shall be responsible for all any operations performed by means of any device and by use of his/her account. On suspicion of using his/her account by any other person the User is to immediately report it to Light Engine LLC.

Light Engine LLC has the right to temporarily lock or cancel the User’s account if it believes that the User failed to meet these Terms.

Content and intellectual rights

Within the Services to be provided a User shall post, publish, or download 3D models on the Web-site. A User shall be responsible for the whole content he/she publishes. A User may not download, transfer or publish the content on the Web-site if he/she is not entitled to do so.

A User guarantees that exclusive rights to the intellectual property belong to the User and/or he/she has received a necessary permission from the holder.

When posting content a User gives Light Engine LLC non-exclusive rights to reproduce, publicly display, process, and make the content available to the public without limitations to territory and definite time and free of charge. The content posted by a User may be used by Light Engine LLC in any other section of the Web-site.

Light Engine LLC may without giving reasons to transform, moderate, delete and tale other actions with any content posted by a User on the Web-site.

A User agrees that posting the Content he/she does not become a co-author of the Web-site and shall waive any claims to such authorship in future.

When posting content a User gives any visitor to the Web-site non-exclusive rights to get access to the content and reproduction thereof for own non-commercial purposes.

A User acknowledges that Light Engine LLC has all rights to the Web-site as a single object including components thereof (services, design, source code, content including text, images, animation, data bases, graphics, logos, trademarks, icons, buttons, pictures, videos, audio records etc.).

Light Engine LLC shall bear no responsibility for integrity and safety of the content posted on the Web-site.


A User acknowledges that he/she shall use the Web-site and Services taking risk and assuming responsibility and Light Engine LLC is relived from responsibility for improper use by a User of the Web-site or Services or failure to meet these Terms.

Light Engine LLC shall not be responsible for the content posted by a User on the Web-site. If any third party including competitive government agencies files a claim against Light Engine LLC including violation of laws or rights of any third party in relation to the said content, a User undertakes to independently and at own expense handle them thus protecting Light Engine LLC from any investigations, disputes, or claims, and reimburse Light Engine LLC relevant expenses and losses.

Light Engine LLC does not guarantee accessibility or continuous operation of the Web-site or continuous provision of Services, plus their reliability, quality, entirety, accuracy and feasibility for use for particular purposes.

Light Engine LLC shall bear no responsibility for any loss incurred due to:

Changing and stopping the services on Web-site

At any time Light Engine LLC may modify content of the Web-site or Services, set limits to or revise the terms of providing Services or terminate provision of particular Services or functional opportunities, deactivate or delete User’s accounts or information related thereto, and bear no responsibility to a User.

General information and contacts

Use the Web-site and Services is regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation. If any provision in these Terms is adjudged invalid or unenforceable it shall be considered to be cancelled from the text of the Terms in which case remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

If you have any questions or claims, please contact us (info@lighttracer.org)