Introducing Light Bench

We introduce our latest innovation: the Light Bench. This free-to-use benchmark is specifically designed to evaluate the performance of your GPUs and predict the speed of your renders with Light Tracer Render.

Choosing the right graphics card is a crucial step in building a computer for rendering, but it's often filled with uncertainty. Whether you're seeking the pinnacle of performance, the best value for your investment, or a laptop that meets your rendering needs, decision-making can be complex. With our new Light Bench tool, leveraging the Light Tracer Render engine, making this decision has become easier. Rendering scores are now accessible in our online database, enabling you to compare the performance of various graphics cards on the market.

Estimate rendering performance

Light Bench leverages the robust Light Tracer Render engine to offer a portable, free tool that renders various scenes, enabling you to evaluate your graphics card's performance in realistic workflows. It's designed for testing and comparing graphics cards across different vendors, including NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

Our benchmark provides accurate predictions of performance in real-world rendering scenarios. It does this by incorporating the most demanding features supported by Light Tracer Render. These include full Global Illumination (GI) path tracing, bidirectional path tracing, physically based material evaluation, physical lens simulation with depth-of-field effects, bloom, glare, and filmic tone mapping.

How is the score calculated?

The benchmark conducts a comprehensive evaluation of rendering performance across diverse scenarios. It methodically renders several scenes, each at a consistent quality level, with a defined number of samples per pixel (SPP). We calculate the rendering speed by measuring the time it takes to render each scene, which is expressed in millions of samples per second (MSamples/sec). The scores from all the test scenes are compiled to produce the final result. A higher score indicates superior performance, with a doubling of the score suggesting that the rendering time is halved.

Upon completing the benchmark, you will get an achievement. These achievements are assigned based on the rendering performance of GPU and are categorized as follows:

Achievement Score range
Below average < 12 000
Average 12 000 .. 20 000
Good 20 000 .. 45 000
Excellent 45 000 .. 85 000
Outstanding 85 000 .. 110 000
Legendary > 110 000

Become a legend in our benchmark and share your results with others!

Compare scores online

Once you've run the Light Bench test, you can compare your score to those of other users with the same GPU.

We calculate published scores as the average of all submissions from users with matching hardware. This enables you to assess your system's efficiency and pinpoint any performance constraints. Join our community in enhancing our online database by submitting your benchmark results!

For overclocking enthusiasts!

Light Bench is also an extreme GPU stability test that is very sensitive to any calculation and video memory errors resulting from overclocking or other factors like insufficient or excessive voltages, power supply instability, overheating issues, etc. By quickly identifying problems, the amount of time needed for tinkering and testing can be reduced dramatically!

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