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Easy to use 3D rendering software Easy to use 3D rendering software
Model by Andrea Notarstefano


Light Tracer is a super easy and user friendly 3D rendering and animation software. With its interactive workflow and effortless rendering tools, you may quickly create amazing-looking images and videos of your 3D models with photo-real quality. Check out our Discord community if you need some help or would like to share your renderings!

Model by Stéfan Slabbert


You can use Light Tracer to create stunning renderings for any purpose and industry — whether you are a professional working in a commercial environment or a hobbyist working on a personal project. Quickly produce amazing visuals of your automotive projects, product designs, jewelry projects, architecture visualization, voxel art, and more.

Model by T-FLEX CAD


Light Tracer reacts to all scene changes interactively, making designing of your 3D models an easy and fun process. All the adjustments of materials, light sources, and object positions are immediately visible in the viewport that always displays the final rendering result. With Light Tracer, what you see is what you get without any compromises.


In addition to native versions, Light Tracer can run directly in a Web browser delivering uncompromised raytracing quality. It leverages the power of your GPU and does not suffer from network latency and throughput limitations. You may publish your artwork from the standalone version and showcase it interactively on the web!



These are some of the most relevant features of Light Tracer GPU renderer

Physically-based GPU engine

Physically-based GPU engine

GPU render engine ensures physically-correct light simulation and works on any graphics card. Both discrete Nvidia/AMD GPUs and integrated Intel/AMD GPUs are supported

Fast GPU render engine

Fast and efficient

Leveraging the power of the GPU, Light Tracer is rendering at fully interactive speeds. Any changes to the scene are instantly visible on the screen, allowing you to tweak settings easily

Caustic mode / path guiding

Guided rendering

State-of-art GPU path tracing engine can learn light distribution in a scene and use it for importance sampling of light paths delivering noise-free images as quickly as possible

Production ready rendering software

Production ready

Light Tracer supports render passes, advanced post-processing, automatic shadow catching on any surface, and seamless integration with customizable backplates/backdrops

PBR material workflow

PBR material workflow

Render engine features Disney principled and rough glass materials widely used in production rendering. It accurately simulates metal, plastic, paint, leather, cloth, gemstones, rubber, etc.

IBL lighting / HDRI editor

HDRI editor / IES lights

Light Tracer is designed for Image-Based Lighting. Import existing HDRI maps or create your lighting environments with a real-time built-in editor. Emissive meshes are supported as well

ACES color workflow

ACES color workflow

Render engine uses Academy Color Encoding System featuring an RGB-based workflow with a high dynamic range and an ultra-wide gamut encompassing the entire spectral locus

Tone mapping

Tone mapping / Post-processing

Light Tracer features an advanced filmic tone mapping curve for displaying HDR images on LDR devices, as well as a thin lens camera model with a physically correct Depth-of-Field (DOF) effect

Real-time AI denoising

Real-time / AI denoising

Get final images faster using Intel or NVIDIA AI denoisers. Or simply get almost instant noise-free previews when editing the scene. Use the real-time built-in GPU denoiser even in the Web version

Materials / lights library

Materials / HDRI library

To setup scenes quickly, Light Tracer Render comes with a library of customizable 300+ PBR materials and HDRI maps that can be used as prototypes and allow to get end results as soon as possible

Import from 3D formats

3D file formats

Import the most common 3D formats such as OBJ, STL, (zipped) glTF2.0, GLB, FBX, DAE, VOX, 3DM, as well as STEP/IGES CAD formats. When importing from CAD, control how accurately surfaces are tessellated

Online web GPU rendering

Online 3D rendering tools

Light Tracer is the world's first solution for GPU accelerated, photorealistic client-side rendering in desktop Web browsers. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are supported


Get Light Tracer Render for Windows 10 and macOS Catalina or newer (10.15+)

GPU released after 2013, and CPU with SSE 4.2 required (see details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Light Tracer's GPU rendering engine

Our Team

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Please contact info@lighttracer.org if you have any questions or want to use Light Tracer GPU engine in your products.