See below the difference between state-of-art PBR renderer and Light Tracer Render

Model by Dave Goetsch

Being based on the GPU ray tracing engine, Light Tracer delivers much better reflections, refractions, shadows, depth-of-field, and other global illumination effects crucial for photo-real visualization in all industries and disciplines


These are some of the most relevant features of Light Tracer online 3D renderer

Online GPU rendering service

Client-side Web rendering

World's first service for GPU accelerated, physically-correct online 3D rendering in desktop Web browsers. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are supported!

Physically-based online 3D rendering

Physically-correct GPU engine

GPU ray tracing engine ensures accurate light simulation and works on any graphics card. Both discrete Nvidia/AMD GPUs and integrated Intel/AMD GPUs are supported

Fast GPU web 3D viewer

Real-time online rendering

Online 3D rendering is performing at fully interactive speeds. Any modifications of the 3D scene are instantly visible in the viewport, allowing you to tweak settings easily

Online PBR rendering service

PBR material workflow

Light Tracer features the metalness-roughness material model with an optional clear coating. It accurately simulates metal, wood, plastic, paint, stone, leather, glass, gemstones, and more

Web GPU renderer with IBL lighting / HDRI editor

Powerful 3D lighting

The renderer is designed for Image-Based Lighting. You can import existing or create/edit custom HDRI maps with a built-in map editor. Emissive meshes are supported as well

Advanced 3D web renderer

Native version

If you prefer native tools, Light Tracer has a powerful Standalone version for Windows 10. Based on the same GPU engine, Standalone and Web versions ensure identical rendering results


Convenient subscriptions including full-featured Web and Standalone version of Light Tracer Render

GPU released after 2013, and CPU with SSE 4.2 required (see details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Light Tracer online 3D renderer

Our Team

Meet the team who is developing Light Tracer Render

Please contact info@lighttracer.org if you have any questions or want to use Light Tracer GPU engine in your products.