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Light Tracer Engine in action

Take your renders to the next level with physically-based Light Tracer rendering technology

Thanks to unrivaled ray-tracing quality and simplicity of integration, our technology used in most challenging industries,
such as jewelry design, automotive projects, interior designs, and high-quality product visualization

If you have a dual-GPU laptop, take advantage of running the browser on a dedicated GPU

We recommend to use at least GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon RX 560 / Apple M1 or higher

Makes a difference

Unlike other PBR engines, Light Tracer allows you to showcase your design with physically-accurate lighting and materials

demo Light Tracer Render demo Advanced PBR renderer

Model by Dave Goetsch

Light Tracer Render delivers physically accurate reflections, refractions, shadows, depth-of-field, and other effects.
It lets you manipulate global illumination in real-time delivering photo-real output without any precomputations


These are some of the most relevant features of Light Tracer Render for web and online 3D viewer

Online GPU rendering service

Client-side Web rendering

World's first service for GPU accelerated, physically-correct online 3D rendering in desktop Web browsers. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are supported!

Physically-based online 3D rendering

Physically-correct GPU engine

GPU ray tracing engine ensures accurate light simulation and works on any graphics card. Both discrete Nvidia/AMD GPUs and integrated Intel/AMD GPUs are supported

Fast GPU web 3D viewer

Real-time online rendering

Online 3D rendering is performing at fully interactive speeds. Any modifications of the 3D scene are instantly visible in the viewport, allowing you to tweak settings easily

PBR material workflow

PBR material workflow

Render engine features Disney principled and rough glass materials widely used in production rendering. It accurately simulates metal, plastic, paint, leather, cloth, gemstones, rubber, etc.

IBL lighting / HDRI editor

HDRI editor / IES lights

Light Tracer is designed for Image-Based Lighting. Import existing HDRI maps or create your lighting environments with a real-time built-in editor. Emissive meshes are supported as well

ACES color workflow

ACES color workflow

Render engine uses Academy Color Encoding System featuring an RGB-based workflow with a high dynamic range and an ultra-wide gamut encompassing the entire spectral locus

Tone mapping

Tone mapping / Post-processing

Light Tracer features an advanced filmic tone mapping curve for displaying HDR images on LDR devices, as well as a thin lens camera model with a physically correct Depth-of-Field (DOF) effect

Materials / lights library

Materials / HDRI library

To setup scenes quickly, Light Tracer Render comes with a library of customizable 300+ PBR materials and HDRI maps that can be used as prototypes and allow to get end results as soon as possible

Advanced 3D web renderer

Native version

If you prefer native tools, Light Tracer has a powerful Standalone version. Based on the same GPU ray tracing engine, Standalone and Web versions ensure identical rendering results

Embed Light Tracer on your website

You can integrate Light Tracer Viewer to your web application, online configurator, e-commerce platform, or landing page

Solutions for online configurators, e-commerce. Showcase 3D models interactively.

Use our 3D model viewer to deliver rapid one-click photorealistic rendering capabilities.
Secured integration model ensures protection of your 3D data from unauthorized use

Light Tracer Web SDK

Build custom web applications with our photorealistic rendering SDK

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